The RAD Pad hosted two sessions of Christmas-themed Cocktail Workshops that taught participants how to make three delicious cocktails that could be easily recreated at home using simple ingredients and tools.

Cocktails featured were:

Where’s the Turkey?

An aperitif style drink named after the infamous question “Where’s The Turkey?”,¬†usually asked by guests to the host when they arrive.

Rinomato, Ribena, Elderflower, Lemon Juice, White Wine and Topped up with Soda
(*White wine and soda can be replaced with Champagne/Prosecco)


Barry’s Smokin’ Smores

Pairing smokey whisky with chocolate, Barry’s Smokin’ Smores is a fun and delicious cocktail that combines everything we love — choclate, marshmallows, berries and of course, whisky!

Berry Jam, Whisky (peated), Chocolate/malt milk, sugar syrup, Nutmeg & Cinnamon


Iberico Flip

Our take on the classic Christmas drink — the eggnog. Iberico Flip takes you out of your comfort zone of cocktails as it uses a whole egg (not just the egg white) in the cocktail.

Port Wine (Ruby), PX Sherry, Angostura Bitters, one whole Egg

More images of the workshop below: