Looking for something a little different this weekend?

Need a break from that technological device attached from your hand?

Want to do something fun but still stimulates your mind?

Or, to put it simply…

Want to sit around with friends, have a couple of drinks, and perhaps play a boardgame or two?

Games & Teaxers

RAD Impressions brings you Games & Teaxers, a monthly event that aims to bring people together for simple, interactive fun and a couple of refreshing drinks!



Teaxers is the latest line of bottled tea coolers that we’re introducing to the market. You can drink them on its own, or even mix them in with the alcoholic beverage of your choice, so say goodbye to your green tea and Coca-Cola mixers!

Details of our next Games & Teaxers session below:

Date : 4th March, 2016
(postponed from February 25th)
Time : 3:00 PM onwards
Venue : The RAD Pad

Get in touch with us via rad.impressions@gmail.com or our Facebook page if you’re keen to join us.